Blackall-Tambo Regional Council


3 Months


June 2013




Blackall, Queensland

Blackall Main Sewer Pump Station

This project required the construction of a new main sewer pump station for the town of Blackall in western Queensland, and the utilisation of the existing pump station as emergency storage.

The pump station was built in close proximity to local waterways and was required to have a finished height 3.5m above ground level to prevent inundation of the wet well and damage to the switchboard during flood events.

The pump station supplied by Aquatec Fluid Systems was 3.2m in diameter and 14m deep. Constant dewatering was required to eliminate ground water intrusion into the excavation. Temporary diversions of the town’s sewerage were required to allow alterations to the existing infrastructure to take place.

The pump station was completed with a galvanised access stairway and safety hand rails, as well as a pivoting gantry and electric