Whitsunday Regional Council


4 Months


June 2012




Proserpine, Queensland

Pigging Operation

This project included the construction of 5 concrete pits, approximately 5000mm long x 3000mm wide x 2000mm deep, along the existing 510OD MSCL water main between the Proserpine River and Bowen.

An isolation valve and removable pipe spool was installed in each pit, this was to allow the loading and discharge of “cleaning pigs”. Following the completion of construction of all pits, Chris Buckley Plumbing undertook the pipeline pigging operations in an effort to remove a severe build up of Manganese that was discolouring the water and affecting all downstream residents, including the entire town of Bowen.

Pigging operations successfully reduced the amount of Manganese present within the pipeline. Given the proximity of the project to the ocean, and notably the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, environmental protection measures were our priority throughout construction.